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Book Review: We the People

We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy by John Buck and Sharon Villines is an important book! It gives a viable and very practical alternative to the traditional command-and-control management approach which we are so used to in our businesses and organizations.

The sociocratic structure described in the book is fundamentally different from traditional structures, which constrict rather than encourage leadership. Let me explain!

Sociocracy is based on four principles: Decisions by consent (not consensus), circles, double linking between the circles, and elections by consent. This has huge implications on the organizational dynamism. The concept of leadership goes much deeper in a self-governed organization since each person is expected to take part in the daily leadership and decision-making. The election of leaders by consent, after open discussion, has a very positive effect on the working group and the way everyone works together. This in turn reduces friction, increases productivity, and improves quality. Feedback is embedded into the actual work through the governance structure. First we have the principle of consent which means feedback cannot be ignored within the circle. Then we have the double-linking which ensures feedback between the circles. This means that a sociocratic organization is truly dynamic (or agile) by design.

I am convinced that sociocratic principles will grow in importance. They simply cannot be ignored in the long run. Once an organization learns to work this way it will outperform traditional organizations.

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